Is There Incurable Lyme Disease?

lymediseaserashLyme Disease Is An Epidemic

“… nearly every little thing about Lyme disease– the symptoms, the diagnosis, the frequency, the habits of the borrelia spirochete after it infects the body, and the appropriate technique to treatment– is contested bitterly and publicly. Even the definition of Lyme disease, and the terms used to describe it, has fuelled years of acrimonious debate. The traditional medical assessment is uncomplicated: in many cases, the tick bite causes a skin rash, called erythema migrans, which is quickly recognized by its bull’s-eye. If left untreated, the germs can infect muscles, joints, the heart, as well as the brain.

Public-health authorities state that a couple of weeks of antibiotic treatment will usually wipe out the infection, which relapses are rare. In this view, presented in standards issued by the Infectious Diseases Society of America, Lyme is usually easy to deal with and simple to treat.

For lots of people, however, the clinical circumstance is much more complicated. Some who have been infected with borrelia do not notice the rash. Others– approximately a quarter of those with Lyme, including Kaleigh Ahern– never ever even get one. A lot of troubling, some patients who are dealt with remain to experience a range of symptoms long after their therapy has ended. Nobody truly understands why they fall short to obtain better.”. Read Full Article Here

Technology Helps Detect Lyme Disease

lymesensorAmazing New Lyme Disease Detecting Technology

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States have made a brand-new biosensor from carbon nanotube transistors capable of quickly detecting Lyme disease antigens. The gadget can detect the biomarkers at concentrations as reduced as 1 ng/ml, which is lower than that possible with standard urine screening and equivalent to conventional ELISA and Western blot immunoassays.

Lyme disease is triggered by ticks carrying the Borrelia burgdorferi germs and a minimum of 30,000 new cases are reported in the US alone each year. The condition commonly goes unattended– particularly in its very early stages– because the symptoms are so general and there is a lack of sensitive tests. Late detection can be unsafe, nonetheless, because the illness can trigger arthritis as well as long-lasting neurological ailments, to name a few health troubles. Read More Here

Arguing About Lyme Disease

lyme_tick_biteDoes Lyme Disease Exist? Is it an epidemic?

We keep arguing about Lyme while 1000s of people get sicker and sicker.

“As the medical community continues to wrestle with the treatment of Lyme disease, its prevalence in Wisconsin and other commonly affected areas grows.

Wisconsin was sixth nationally with 42.2 confirmed Lyme disease cases per 100,000 residents in 2011, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2002, the state had a rate of 20 confirmed cases per 100,000.”

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It is crazy how lyme is killing us, while we are arguing about if it exist or not.